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Update Of Foyer Extension Project

Phase 1 of the building work is complete, moving the kitchen away from behind the foyer corridor wall.  This frees up space for Phase 2 which will enlarge the foyer.  We have also redesigned backstage areas for better storage and set building/painting facilities.  

Planning permission for the extended foyer has been granted and we await final architect's drawings and building regulations approval. A  detailed specification for building firms to tender in early 2016 will follow, together with a re-design of the foyer space. Nantwich Players are asking the Town Council for a loan in the financial year starting April 2016.  

A small dedicated team of Players is working hard to enable the process to go smoothly, as well as doing the clean-up, fitting out and decorating at each stage of the works. We will continue to keep you informed as things progress.

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Foyer Extension News

We are delighted to announce that the Theatre Foyer is to be expanded.  Work will be done in phases over the next year, allowing our plays to be performed without interruption.

Designs have been drawn up to create more room in the Foyer while keeping essential rehearsal and storage space in Love Lane. The extension will be approx 20 x 13 ft, projecting back into the ‘garage’ area, from the corridor leading to the auditorium. Because the two buildings do not share the full length of the outside wall we cannot extend through the main foyer wall and as the Love Lane area is almost a metre lower we have to create level access between the old and new spaces. At the same time the metal roller door in Love Lane will be changed to tall stage doors matching those facing Pillory Street.

The first phase is to move the small kitchen which is behind the foyer corridor, freeing up the space needed for the extension. Meanwhile architects Bower Edleston are applying for planning permission for the changes and we hope to put the contract out to tender early in 2016. There will be updates at each stage of the work and we look forward to sharing the benefits of all the fund-raising and generous contributions with our supporters.

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Changes to Romazzino's Pre-Theatre Offer

The Love Lane Restaurant is no longer offering its special Theatre Deal.  However, they do have a 1 or 2 course meal for just £7.95 or £9.95, to which you can add your own drink…it’s no longer included, but works out just the same as before, if not cheaper!! It’s their Menu del Giorno with lots of starters and fish, meat, vegetarian and pasta and pizza as main courses. This runs from 12 noon till 7 pm Monday to Friday and usually finishes at 5 pm on a Saturday, but Theatre people can have it a bit later. Because this is a wide menu, cooked to order, you are advised to Book Your Table (626456) and get there in plenty of time – they are open all afternoon – so 5.30 pm might be sensible. Their website suggests you can even pre-order, so that might be a plan.

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Nantwich at Play Talks

Find below the programme of talks to take place at the museum from 29th July to 30th September, including a talk from our very own Sandie Laughlin and Margaret Boschi on the 19th August. A lot of work is put in to these events and it would be great to see as many people as possible supporting us.

Wed 29 July Oh What a Circus – Victorian Entertainment

by Bill Pearson

Wed 5 August Nantwich Pubs and Signs

by Andrew Lamberton

Wed 12 August Pleasure Palaces

by Ray Johnson

Wed 19 August Nantwich Players – past, present and future

by Sandie Laughlin and Margaret Boschi

Wed 26 August A Day at the Races

by Keith Lawrence

Wed 16 September Children at Play

by Molly Stone

Wed 23 September Play the Game – sport in Nantwich

by Wyn Jones

Wed 30 September Sport & Such Stuff as Dreams are Made of – the story of theatres and cinemas in Nantwich

by Graham Dodd

All talks start at 3pm

Tickets are available from the Museum reception priced at £3.00 (£2.00 for museum members)

Book to avoid disappointment

Nantwich Museum, Pillory Street, Nantwich, CW5 5BQ

01270 627104

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A Season of Success

As we look forward to the first play of the 2015/16 season, Charley's Aunt, we take a look back at all the fantastic awards we won and were nominated for last season. With so much to celebrate we can certainly say it was another smashing season at the Nantwich Players!

Chelford, Nominated: Sian Walker-Hirst for best performance.

Won: Best one act at Chelford ...Orca the goldfish

North Staffs....Nominated: Charlie Gobbett best supporting, Biff, Death of a Salesman

Nominated at NSDA. Don Hirst, best performance male, Jamaica Inn

Nominated at NSDA. Sian Walker-Hirst, Best performance female,The Stepmother

Nominated at NSDA. Simon Porter, best comedy performance Yes, PM Nominated. At NSDA. Linda Evans, best performance female, DOAS Nominated at NSDA. Avril Allman, best supporting performance for Bazaar and Rummage

Nominated at NSDA. Adjudicator's award. Best props. Bazaar and Rummage

Nominated at NSDA. Best director, Jeremy Acklam for Jamaica Inn

Nominated at NSDA. Adjudicator's award. Graffiti in Teechers

Won at NSDA...Best play...DOAS

Best Director, Jerry Park, DOAS

Best performance male, Simon Porter DOAS

Best stage presentation. Jamaica Inn

Most adventurous approach to theatre: DOAS

Wilmslow One act festival:

Won: Award to Orca the Goldfish in the Category “A Piece of theatre magic”.

Cheshire Theatre Guild

Nominations: Youth and Musical:

Most Promising Youngster (male) William Popovic as Deanie in Teechers

Best Lighting and Sound : Teechers

Won: Most Promising youngster (Female) Rebekah Baddeley as Mrs Parry in Teechers

Nominations: Senior Productions:

Most promising youngster in a senior production: Faye McCallum as Betty in The Stepmother

Best Supporting actor: Ryan Bearpark for Bernard in Yes, Prime Minister

Charlie Gobbett as Sir Humphrey in Yes, Prime Minister

Best Costume: For Services Rendered

Lighting and Sound: Jamaica Inn

Dramatic achievement: The Stepmother AND Yes, Prime Minister

Award for Comedy: Simon Porter as Jim in Yes, Prime Minister

Best Actress: Laura Monkhouse as Lois in For Services Rendered

and Sian Weedon for Lois in The Stepmother

Won: Best Set presentation: Jamaica Inn: Richard Thompson and John Whitehead

Best Properties: Jamaica Inn: Joanna Mcdonald and Judy Gratton

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