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July, 2017


This intricate time-travelling comic thriller by the British master of farcical comedy delighted London and New York audiences. A London sex specialist from the future stumbles into a murder plot that sends her, compliments of a unique set of hotel doors, travelling back in time. She flees and somehow triggers a time machine.

“ ‘Let’s do the Time Warp’ they sing in The Rocky Horror Show. That might be the motto for this dazzlingly ingenious 1994 play by Alan Ayckbourn which has echoes of Back to the Future, Psycho and the time-plays of JB Priestley. But what is impressive is how Ayckbourn uses a fiendishly clever plot to impart the cheering message that foreknowledge enables us to alter our destiny.”

The Guardian

“A real knockout...A vastly entertaining blend of the West End drawing room thriller with one of Priestley’s old time plays, where characters go whirling throughout time. Of course, Ayckbourn has added innumerable piquant and bizarre details of his own...This is a show to see.”

The New York Post

Directed by Simon Porter, performances will be at 7.45pm on 7th – 15th July, 2017.

Auditions will be held at the Theatre at 7.45pm on Tuesday 11th April. Non-members may audition by joining and paying membership on the night.

If you have never been a member of the Players before, you may pay an audition fee of £10 and then, if successful, pay the remaining £15 membership on or before the first rehearsal.

Tickets priced at £8.00 will be on sale from Nantwich Tourist Office (01270 600727) or on-line at from Tuesday 20th June 2017. 

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The Game

September, 2017

by Harold Brighouse

A comedy of soccer and sexual politics by the author of ‘Hobson’s Choice’

They take the National Game seriously up in Blackton, and things haven’t been going too well for the Rovers. Their glory days are well behind, they’re losing brass hand over fist, the Club’s only decent player wants to marry the Chairman’s daughter, and the Chairman wants to let him go on transfer to Blackton’s deadly rivals - though he might just need him to nobble his first match at his new club...

If some of this sounds familiar, don’t be fooled. This is Lancashire, 1914 - and where there’s muck there’s money!

By the author of ‘Hobson’s Choice’, ‘The Game’ is a fast-moving social comedy of soccer and sexual politics, set during a single Saturday afternoon in the season.

Kick-off at a quarter-to-eight each night!

Directed by Jerry Park, performances will be at 7.45pm on 8th – 16th September, 2017.

Tickets priced at £9.00 will be on sale from Nantwich Tourist Office (01270 600727) or on-line at from Tuesday 8th August 2017. 

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Just Between Ourselves

October, 2017

by Alan Ayckbourn

Derek is a d-i-y fanatic but not a very good one. He spends too much time messing about in his untidy garage quite indifferent to the fact that his wife is being driven to distraction by his jealous and possessive mother.

Over four birthdays we see the situation deteriorate and there is still that car to sell.

A painfully funny portrait of family life and the pitfalls of doing it yourself.

Directed by John Powell, performances will be at 7.45pm on 20th – 28th October, 2017.

Tickets priced at £9.00 will be on sale from Nantwich Tourist Office (01270 600727) or on-line at from Tuesday 3rd October 2017. 

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The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

December, 2017

From the book by C.S. Lewis

Dramatised by Adrian Mitchell

This exciting and magical musical adaptation of C.S.Lewis’s classic story is the tale of four children evacuated from London during the Blitz to stay with the Professor. Whilst exploring, Lucy stumbles across the wardrobe, a gateway to another world, Narnia! An icy totalitarian kingdom, under the spell of the White Witch.

“Where it is always winter and never Christmas”.

So the adventure begins and very quickly Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy find themselves caught up in a deadly struggle between good and evil.

Some journeys take us far from home......

Some adventures lead us to our destiny.

Commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company, this adaptation was first performed at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, and later transferred to the Barbican Theatre, London.

Directed by Jeremy Acklam & Bethany Froud, performances will be at 7.45pm on 8th – 16th December & Matinee on 16th December at 2.30pm, 2017.

Tickets priced at £9.00 will be on sale from Nantwich Tourist Office (01270 600727) or on-line at from Tuesday 21st November 2017. 

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Colder Than Here

February, 2018

by Laura Wade

A poignant drama of love and loss

What do you do with yourself when you’ve been diagnosed with bone cancer and given nine months to live? If you’re Myra, you tackle it all with great gusto: you survey an assortment of natural burial sites, you give your husband and two daughters a Powerpoint presentation about your funeral and you buy your flatpack coffin then paint it.

Sounds gloomy? Colder Than Here is frequently poignant, but it is anything but gloomy.

In Laura Wade’s moving drama, the play’s affecting theme is counterpointed with scintillating wit and even occasional comedy as Alec, Jenna and Harriet come to terms with Myra’s imminent loss. While they struggle to express their shared love for Myra, they struggle even more with her (literally) down-to earth approach to her impending death:

“You’ve got to keep yourself busy when you’re off work with dying”.

And gradually, Myra’s example and encouragement help them to deal with the crises affecting their own lives, as well as the much larger crisis affecting Myra.

Directed by John Mackay, performances will be at 7.45pm on 9th – 17th February, 2018.

Tickets priced at £9.00 will be on sale from Nantwich Tourist Office (01270 600727) or on-line at from Tuesday 23rd January 2018. 

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