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September, 2012


As part of a World Première for Amateur Theatre, Nantwich Players present the smash hit Calendar Girls.

Based on the Miramax motion picture by Juliette Towhidi and Tim Firth, this smash hit about a group of extraordinary women who pose for a charity calendar is an aspiring and entertaining story which touches the heart with hilarity and home truths.

Nantwich Players are proud to present this play for an extended run, at the very first opportunity for amateurs to perform it.

Performances at 7.45pm 1 - 15 September 2012 (except Sunday 2nd and 9th)

Tickets on sale at Nantwich Tourist Office (01270 600727 - note: new number) from 23rd July

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October, 2012

ART by Yasmina Reza, translated by Christopher Hamton

Marc, Serge and Yvan have been close friends for years. Serge has just bought a painting for a huge sum of money. Marc hates it and can't believe his friend would want such a work. Yvan's unsuccessful attempts to smooth over disagreement don't sit well with the others. As the situation comes to a head this once close friendship starts to crumble.

If your friendship is based on tacit mutual agreement what happens when one person does something completely different and unexpected?

Please note this play contains strong language.

Performances at 7.45pm  12 - 20 October 2012

In association with The Residence 

Tickets on sale at Nantwich Tourist Office (01270 600727) from 17 September

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December, 2012

LIFE & BETH by Alan Ayckbourn

The recently widowed Beth faces her first Christmas without Gordon but with her son and sister-in-law for support, what can go wrong?

Her son arrives with his volatile girlfriend, her sister-in-law has developed a liking for the bottle and the recently widowed vicar, who unwittingly summons the ghost of Gordon.

Will Beth welcome his return and why did Wagstaff - the cat - disappear the day Gordon died?

Performances at 7.45pm 7 - 15 December 2012 

Tickets on sale at Nantwich Tourist Office (01270 600727) from 19th November 

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February, 2013

THERESE RAQUIN by Leslie Sands

A skilful adaptation of the 19th Century novel with a special twist to Zola's original ending. This well-paced and gripping tale of retribution provides a penetrating study of sexual obsession and guilt.

The play tells the story of the secret affair between Thérèse Raquin and her husband's best friend, Laurent, and reveals the strength of the passion which incites them to murder. The murder, however, leads to neither happiness nor liberation but to the destruction of their relationship and their eventual downfall.

"Plunging straight into the passionate relationship between Thérèse and the artist Laurent, [the couple] pass from a stimulating clandestine indulgence through a chilling climax to the wastes of destructive circumspection". [Daily Telegraph]

Performances at 7.45pm 8 - 16 February 2013

Tickets on sale at Nantwich Tourist Office (01270 600727) from 21st January 2013 

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March, 2013

ARABIAN NIGHTS adapted by Dominic Cooke

Tickets will be available from next Monday (25 February)!

For years, King Shahrayar has taken bloody vengeance against the women of his city, marrying a new bride every night and killing her in the morning.

Shahrazad is determined to stop the bloodshed using the only weapons she has - her wit and imagination. Night after night, the King's newest bride weaves tales of intrigue, silliness and suspense. How long can her stories save her?

This high-energy youth theatre production will enthrall audiences of all ages with traditional tales such as Ali Baba, The Little Beggar and Simbad The Sailor performed in a modern style.

Performances at 7.45pm 20 - 23rd March 2013 

Tickets on sale at Nantwich Tourist Office (01270 600727) from 25 February 2013 

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